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KD-ICT Planning and Integration Planning Ltd.

KD is a technology boutique company engaged in the design, management and integration of projects in the field of innovation and the next generation of infrastructure.

The company was established by engineers and project managers with extensive experience in providing a complete managerial and technological solution to projects at the forefront of industry and technology.

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DevOps DevOps



Perception, a workshop approach, which aims to bring development in organizations closer to the operation, hence the name DevOps = Developments + Operations Dev refers to the development groups. A development group is a group of software developers whose main job is to develop code for the company’s products. Ops refer to the operatives, their...
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Low Cost Drones as Tactical Force Multipliers Low Cost Drones as Tactical Force Multipliers


Low Cost Drones as Tactical Force Multipliers

KD-ICT specializes in border defense systems which are implemented using state of the art sensors and robotic tools using complex network architectures and custom advanced analytic tools. As UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) prices decrease we see a dramatic increase in military use of UAVs in recent years, as time goes on drones are becoming more...
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