Data Centers

Our data centers group has initiated, designed, planned, and managed the most modernized, protected, redundant, innovated and cloud ready data centers on Israel for defense and enterprise customers.

Our design is fully addressed with customers needs. The market forecast is the baseline to our roadmap, so we can take those future parameters to comply with the detail design of the project.
The process starts with a tight business plan and economy analysis who takes under consideration costs, revenue, TCO, CAPEX & OPEX, PUE and general layout plan.

The energy aspects are extremely influent on the data center effectiveness. though, great awareness to market GPLs and trends that our team obtained during the years and previous projects is one of the most valuable service that we suggest our customers.
We can take your vision and your end state thoughts to E2E system engineering, professional project management and precise integration procedure as needed for complicated programs.
The experience regarding to highly efficient energy solutions comes from smart solutions such as geo-cooling solutions, co-generation and access to regulation and national lows.

The physical infrastructure is also highly important planning consideration, so we are building the DC standard according to the customer's level of investment. Though, we build a stain mapping to make the design in a manner of future growth.
The project is managed with all the properly procedures and protocols. We document each step and finalize it with a professional review. During the project occurrence, we help our customers manage the application modernization of the organization by a unique method that was approved before.

Our networking team is totally committed to the project and all the professional teams are operated internally (by a matrix hierarchic tree) so we can bring the KD-ICT assets to perfect results. Finally, is the project LCC and operations models. We help our customers manage the steady state stage of the facility bringing the exact "know how" to the operation "engines" regarding to the owner service catalog, DCaaS, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and combined models.
Our cloud team would be involved on each stage of the project with the correct perspective to privet, public or hybrid cloud.

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