Digital Buildings and Campuses

KD-ICT is leading the adoption of technologies bringing the High-Bandwidth, IP based services, and IoT into academic institutes, and other entrepreneurs, involving all level design and implementation as needed:

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The IoT enabling the digital transformation which is rapidly developing enabling us to enjoy amazing and inspiring things.

  • Defining the Vision and implementation steps.
  • Integrating into construction plans.
  • Low level infrastructure design (RF comm, Optic Fiber Channels etc.).
  • Communication High Level Design, Low Level Design, and final implementation.
  • Application Services needed.
  • Deployment and staff trainings.
Our experience allows us to bring our best practice enabling advanced technologies, cost effective with flexible management and operations.

Here are some samples of our work:

Planning the set of passive and active communication infrastructures in in educational institutions of higher education, writing C4I chapters for tenders in the various authorities and institutions for C4I, communication and multimedia systems. Continuous planning of functioning in extreme situations such as power outages, emergencies, communication crisis, etc.

Characterization of smart elements and smart spaces in the surrounding a compound (perimeter security cameras for securing the area, Wi-Fi services, smart signage, and inherent infrastructure for environmental development). Writing and characterization for control systems and smart management in the structure, utilizing technical and professional knowledge to analyze customer needs Accompanying, supervising, and managing the execution of the works in coordination with the Authority and the subcontractors.

Using advanced technologies and innovation to create cost saving and beneficial within the various projects and creating an economic model which acts as an additional funding source for the project. Planning and characterization of municipal control and monitoring tenders and creating connectivity between the infrastructures in the PA's smart buildings to create unified control and optimal management of the PA's resources.

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